Armored AutoGroup is the company behind the successful car care product line Armor All. This Connecticut-based company manufactures products that are intentionally designed to take care of the interior and exterior surfaces of automobiles. Armor All has a wide range of products in the forms of liquids, gels, wipes and sprays. In 2008, Armor All started the manufacturing of automotive vacuums. Today, the business is renamed as Armored AutoGroup after Clorox sold ArmorAll to Avista Capital Partners.

ArmorAll vacuum takes pride in its capability of cleaning up different kinds of messes, from solids to liquids. It has a very convenient and handy lightweight design that makes it possible to carry it around without any hassle. It also has an ergonomic handle, an LED light for the nooks and crannies of hard-to-reach areas and a built-in crevice tool. Since it is intended to be used inside the car, it has a 12-volt plug that can quickly be plugged in the car itself. Other essential features are brush for dry cleaning, a cord that measures 15 feet, a non-slip bag that can be used when it has to be stored in the car and a squeegee for wet pick up.

One great advantage of this ArmorAll equipment is that there is no more need to have it assembled. Once you take it from the packaging, you can right away use it without the exhausting need of assembling it piece by piece. Also, users of this product see how intricate the engineering of the vacuum is, considering its features and overall design. It only goes to show that effort was really exerted in order to come up with this effective equipment for any kind of automobile. Aside from being very easy to clean, This vacuum is also lauded for its nice storage bag and a useful attachment that deals with those areas that are almost hard to reach.

ArmorAll Vacuum Cleaner Reviews

If it is about the detailing that you want to concentrate on, ArmorAll WetDry works perfectly well for your automobile. However, if you also have troubles with pet hair, you might not find this equipment that useful for such purpose. The larger the automobile, the more difficult one might find it to make the most out of this vacuum cleaner.


Customers from different places come up with the average customer rating of 3.9 out of 5 stars at for this product. This is a good average rating for a home care tool that can be purchased for a very affordable and reasonable price. The descriptions of its features align with what a customer gets upon opening the packaging.

Your automobile necessitates the right kind of care it deserves to have. In order for you to keep your vehicle clean, the use of this vacuum cleaner is definitely worth the price which is fairly affordable. It is very ideal to use such equipment that is most especially designed for the purpose of cleaning your car. ArmorAll Wet/Dry 12V Vacuum Cleaner is a good choice for drivers of any kind of automobile.

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