With the advent of very large scale integration integrated circuit design technologies and manufacturing techniques consumer durable appliances have reached for the hands of a common man. The new sophisticated electronic gadgets have made the life of human beings easy. One such important gadget is household cleaning appliances. Using cleaning appliances frequently and carefully is vital to avoid the buildup of dirt and grease which can occur in areas wherever normal cooking and food preparation is done. The articles might not inevitably look unclean. Several appliances have rounded handles and switches where dirt or grease can build up. Ultimately a wide range of all these surfaces may come into contact indirectly while preparing food, so it is very essential to clean them frequently to make sure that they are free from dirt and microorganisms. The carpets in the household get accumulated with dirt and tiny dust particles. In our house we have several odd jobs which require daily attention. Some of them are cleaning of stovetops or stove burner gates. We need cleansing of household dishes, microwaves, refrigerators and carpets. The dirt on the carpet can be removed by using powerful vacuum cleaners. A vacuum cleaner is an electronic device which uses a powerful air pump to create a partial vacuum.

This vacuum sucks all the dust particles and dirt accumulated on the carpet. Vacuum cleaners can be used to suck up dust particles usually from floors, carpets and window panes. The dirty soil is accumulated and collected by a dust bag. This soil accumulated in the bag is later disposed off in a safer place. There are different manufacturers who manufacture vacuum cleaners. They exist in a variety of sizes and models based on the suction capacity of the motor. Some vacuum cleaners are battery operated also and are very handy. Carpets can be cleaned by dry carpet cleaning technique. It involves the use of chemicals which allow low moisture cleaning. Dry carpet cleaning has gained a considered market because of low cleansing and drying time. We can use dishwashers to take care of our dishes for cleaning. Dry washing of household articles which are not regularly used should be done at least two times in a year. This will ensure that our kitchen has perfect hygiene conditions. We can use dishwashers to wash the utensils regularly.

Our refrigerator is the storehouse of all the eatables. So it must be cleaned at least once in a week. We can use vacuum cleaners to remove the accumulated dust over the compressor and wiring. The refrigerator internals can be cleaned with dishwashers. The refrigerator should be completely wiped from inside with a soft cloth. A mixture of lemon juice and baking soda is also very effective in maintaining the hygiene. Cleaning spray can be used to clean the painted portion of the refrigerator. Cleaning sprays work well for cleaning window glasses and hard surfaces. The spray dilutes and removes away the greasy dirt and hence making the surfaces shiny. Appliances like Liquid crystal displays can be cleaned with cleansing sprays.

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