For anyone who’s tired of pulling out the vacuum cleaner for daily home run-throughs, it is a desirable idea to get an automated cleaning robot. These devices are able to move about the floors and pick up dirt and debris scattered throughout. Of course, there are all sorts of different robot vacuum cleaners available in the market today, one of the best ones being the Dirt Devil Whiskers SV Robotic Vacuum Cleaner. For anyone considering buying one, this is a product that should receive some attention, both for what it is capable of doing and for the price tag associated with it.

The most ideal aspect of the Dirt Devil Whiskers SV is the price. The product is nearly a quarter of the price of what other robot vacs cost. With the less expensive price tag in mind, it is then possible to look over the actual features the equipment has and what it is able to provide someone looking to invest in the device.


This Dirt Devil vac has a dual edge cleaning bristles on both sides of the hardware. This way, it is able to collect dirt that is on the outside path of the machine and bring it into the dust and dirt tray. By doing this, it will miss much less amount of dirt and other material while cleaning the floor. The equipment has a long battery life, so it should be able to complete a full cleaning, before having to be recharged. The device does not return to its dock like other options, so you need to know where it is at once finished, but it shouldn’t be difficult to locate it due to the noise it creates. It is quiet in operation, and only generates a slight buzz, but it is still enough to be able to locate it and return it to charge.

This handy machine is rather straight forward and easy to use, as there are only a handful of settings available. This model only works on hard surfaces, such as tile, wood, laminate and similar surfaces. It is not going to work on rugs and carpeting, so it is necessary to move thick rugs and carpets out of the way, otherwise the Whiskers SV will get stuck on them.

Who Should Use It

Dirt Devil Whiskers SVThis is perfect for someone who lives in an apartment with hardwood flooring. The device is inexpensive as well, as it is difficult to find anything else that is going to be less expensive than this.

Because of the price, it makes it valuable to someone who just wants a basic device that is able to pick up general dust and debris. For someone looking for more advanced features and programming options, the Dirt Devil Whiskers is not the answer, but it should still prove helpful.

Who Should Avoid It

If your home is large and has a good amount of carpeting, you should choose a different model. The device does not handle carpeting very well. Also, if you do have rugs, you will need to pick them up before using this cleaner, which does become time consuming removing all of the rugs around the house, even if you have hardwood and tile floors.

For someone who is looking for help cleaning the house and doesn’t want to spend a lot of money doing so, the Dirt Devil Whiskers is a nice option. While it is still going to be necessary to manually vacuum on occasion, as long as there is hard flooring and not a lot of obstacles, this should be able to get and collect the dirt build up that occurs during the day, especially if your household has children and frequent visitors bringing in dirt from the outside. It does not have as many features as some of the more expensive models out there, but when it comes at a quarter of the price, it makes for a valuable addition to anyone’s cleaning arsenal and a good introduction to the world of vacuuming robots.

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