Easily Suck up Dirt: Check out a Dyson Canister Vacuum Cleaner

Most homes around the world have pets; whether petite cats or big, slobbering dogs , we definitely love our animals. But what we cannot tolerate is the mess they leave behind when they shed their fur, or drag grime into the house; and in particular if you are a sufferer with allergies or asthma, then this could be something you need to take into account if you want to keep your pet.   If you’re not a pet owner, but if you are just wanting to keep your house looking similar to the day you moved in, you need a vacuum cleaner that will perform the job well.  In that case, bear in mind a Dyson canister vacuum cleaner. Lets explore some reasons why this vacuum cleaner is worth spending money:

Why does Dyson Work

Originally created in the United Kingdom, a Dyson vacuum is unlike the rest in that it does an excellent job of picking up filth and other particles without the trouble of changing bags or exhausting the filth out like a good number of average vacuum cleaners. The Dyson canister vacuum cleaner is a smaller version of the brand, with a brawny motor, and a detachable head to get to corners as well as other tough to reach spots. A HEPA filter system assists to capture over 99% of allergens found in airborne dirt and dust, pollen and pet dander  that can cause allergic reactions in some individuals. When you are done with the Dyson canister vacuum cleaner, it can easily be stored in a closet or other small space.

Dyson is For You

Many customers, in particular pet owners have given the Dyson canister vacuum cleaner really great reviews.  Owners of this vacuum cleaner praise the machine for effectively picking up pet hair and dirt from their pet, as well as being so compact that they can easily reach most small spaces by means of the detachable hoses. A Dyson canister vacuum cleaner costs about $500-$600, so be prepared to spend this total for this excellent vacuum cleaner. This might seem a little steep for most consumers, but the end result of the cleaning will make every dollar worth it. So, if you ask which is the best canister vacuum cleaner to buy, every one will answer: Dyson

So, if you are a pet lover, or  are suffering from allergies, consider a Dyson canister vac to help with pet hair and dust problems. Like most individuals, you love your pet and would not want to get rid of them due to your allergies. This vacuum greatly picks up dander on the floor and leaves your carpet looking fresh and new.

The Dyson DC21 canister vacuum

The DC21 Stowaway full kit uses Dyson Root Cyclone technology that delivers powerful cleaning action without clogging or losing suction. This means more dirt and allergens are removed from your home. Dyson, the vacuum cleaner that doesn’t lose suction, which means constant cleaning performance room after room.  It weighs about 10 pounds.

Its Features:
– Colour: Iron/Titanium/Red
– Construction: ABS and polycarbonate
– Patented Root Cyclone™ technology
– Wraps to store away
– Effortless steering
– HEPA filtration
– Washable filters that never need replacing
– Motorized brush head
– Hard floor tool
– Bin capacity: 2 L (0.45 gallon)
– Cable length: 5 m (16.4 ft.)
– Maximum reach: 8.7 m (28.5 ft.)
– 12 A motor

Accessories Included:
– Mini turbine head
– Flexi-crevice tool
– Stiff bristle brush

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