Dyson vacuums are amongst the most well known and well respected brands of vacuums and sweepers in the world, but which is the right model for you?

The Dyson DC18 Slim Vacuum Cleaner is a futuristic looking cleaner which is feature packed. The best part is that the price won’t stun you; this high power, revolutionary sweeper doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

The DC18 Slim works with a constant suction power of 200 air watts on all types of floor surfaces. It is easily extendable for stair cleaning as well as reaching up into those high places such as the corners of the ceiling.

You can simply empty the canister bin of this slim vacuum by pushing a button. There is no need to struggle with dirty bags, just push the button and you’re done.

Dyson DC18 Slim Vacuum Overview

Asthma sufferers need not worry as the DC18 has been certified as asthma friendly, which means it won’t throw up dust like other cleaners can. It also comes with a lifetime HEPA filter.

The name Slim is not just a gimmick. This vacuum cleaner really is slim; It measures just 16-1/3 by 12 by 43-2/3 inches which translates into easy storage potential.

Weight is another area where the DC18 shines. It is around 5 pounds lighter than some other upright Dyson vacuums, weighing in at just 15 pounds. This may not sound like a huge difference, but after half an hour of vacuuming you can really starting to notice!

The DC18 sweeper has received 5 star reviews all around the internet. One reviewer has stated that she owns two cats and has never had a vacuum cleaner perform as well as the Slim as far as picking up cat hair. Other reviewers also noted that when using the Dyson immediately after their old vacuum cleaner, considerable dirt and hair was picked up from the same spot which other cleaners had left behind.

The Dyson vacuum DC18 Slim is feature packed. It sports a motorized brushbar which does an exceptional job of picking up debris that has lodged itself into carpet.

It has been noted that the Slim has a smaller bin size than is usual, however most people have not found this to be a problem and the majority of owners will be able to vacuum their entire house before having to empty the bin.

Overall the Dyson DC18 Slim is a fantastic vacuum cleaner that will please pet owners, parents and anyone else who likes to keep a clean household.

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