For anyone who is tired of pulling out the vacuum cleaner and going through the house in order to pick up the dirt, dust, hair and other debris that has been tracked in, the Infinuvo CleanMate QQ-2LT is a cost-effective option. This is a robotic vacuum cleaner that does not require an individual to manually control or adjust the hardware. However, with all of the other robot vacs currently available on the market today, it is necessary to know if this device is able to handle all of the required cleaning and if it is going to function in your home.


The Infinuvo CleanMate comes with a not only a vacuum option, but it also has a sanitizer that cleans over the floor as the robot moves, killing bacteria on the floor, all without pulling out the mop and bucket from the closet and without using harsh disinfecting chemicals. This is an excellent feature for parents of young children who still spend a large portion of their time on the floor.

The sanitizer is a UV light disinfection feature that kills bacteria, germs and allergens all while the machine is moving around. Because this cleaning feature is light based and doesn’t require any sort of liquid, the user does not have to continually fill the product with cleaning solution. There are some robots out there that require cleaning solution to be placed inside the product for it to work, and this is just going to eventually go dry and stop working. The UV light helps protect this from happening and it also makes it more child friendly, so it does not leave any wet streaks behind it. This way the flooring is always dry and there is no chance of slipping and falling when chasing after the equipment.

This CleanMate vac comes with five pre-programmed patterns in order to provide the most efficient and effective cleaning possible. You should experiment with the settings, depending on the kind of cleaning you’re looking for and the kind of flooring you have.

The five pre-programmed patterns on the equipment allow it to move around freely, but it does not have the sensor that more expensive models have. It does have a cliff-sensing feature though, which helps it avoid stairs and steps.

It works directly on hard surfaces, such as hardwood, tile, linoleum flooring and some low profile carpeting, although it is not going to work on shag carpeting at all. In fact, it will become jammed and start to unravel the carpeting should it be used on shag.

The battery is also good for up to 80 minutes and the charging takes three hours to complete, so it should provide a full house (or floor) clean, without requiring a charge in the middle of the session.

Who Should Use It

Infinuvo CleanMate QQ-2 LTThe CleanMate QQ-2 is an excellent choice that is not as costly as other models. Some robot cleaners end up costing close to $500 a pop, and while these do have some extra features, it is a bit pricey for someone to spend on a vacuum cleaner. This Infinuvo vac provides an excellent option for cleaning, without spending that much amount of money.

This little machine is good for a house that doesn’t have much carpeting at all. While it can handle some carpeting, it doesn’t perform as well as other vacuum cleaners. So if your home is fully carpeted, this particular model is not best for you.

Who Shouldn’t Use It

For starters, if your house is full of carpets and rugs, this is not the vacuum for you. Also, another issue some people have is the dirt/dust compartment is rather small. For a home without pets this is not going to be a problem. However, for a house that does have a dog, especially a dog that sheds, this is simply not going to work well, as you will be removing the dirt compartment and emptying it out frequently, and long hair can cause it to clog and break down. There are other models designed to work inside homes with animals in order to pick up the hair, I would recommend the Neato XV-21.

The CleanMate QQ-2LT is an excellent addition to your home, if you do not have many furnitures, do not have pets and have an open floor plan.

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