If you are sick of spending a lot of time vacuuming and still finding pet hair all over the house, then most likely your vacuum cleaner is struggling to cope with your pet. Unless the vacuum cleaner is made specifically for pets, the hair you are sucking up will have an impact on the effectiveness and lifespan of the machine. The key problems with pet hair for a vacuum cleaner are detailed below.

Pet hair impacts vacuum cleaner suction

The biggest impact that pet hair has on a vacuum cleaner is suction and power. By getting clogged in hoses, pipes and brushes, in a short amount of time it can significantly reduce the effectiveness of a vacuum cleaner.
The end result is that you have to work a lot harder for a poor result. In other words pet hair is still in your house.

Pet hair impacts on the ability for the motor to function

The other major impact of pet hair is how it affects the motor. Regardless of what type of vacuum cleaner you have – with the exception of some of the top of the line pet hair specific vacuum cleaners – some pet hair will get through to the motor.

While the vacuum cleaner will have a range of filters, it doesn’t take much for pet hair – in particular fine cat hair – to penetrate the filter and make its way to the motor.

The motor, similar to a car motor, requires an air filter to operate effectively. As soon as dirt, dust or pet hair passes the filtering system, the motor becomes compromised. Over time this will led to the motor over heating or not operating properly.

The end result is that you have spent a lot of money on a vacuum cleaner that you will now need to replace because of the damage the pet hair has caused.

Vacuum cleaners need to be made specifically for pet hair. Even if you regularly clean and maintain a normal vacuum cleaner, chances are it still won’t improve the suction or motor lifespan significantly. The best thing to do? Spend some extra money up front and choose a vacuum cleaner that is made specifically to suck up pet hair. Your house will look great, there won’t be an odor when vacuuming, and more important your vacuum cleaner will last for a lot longer. You will feel a lot less stressed as well! And in vacuum market, the canister vacuum is one of the best choice for cleaning pet hair. As you want to choose the best one combine price and quality, you should check out the best canister vacuum review for pet hair 2018 to avoid picking the bad product and wasting money.

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