One of the highest rated handheld vacuums to date, this impressive Eureka handheld vacuum cleaner packs quite a cleaning punch while remaining lightweight and portable. This hand held vacuum is perfect for deep cleaning anything from your car to bedroom on the fly, and it’s pretty tough to find faults with this vacuum. It looks and feels very solid, and you’ll know the moment you grab onto it that it’s a formidable piece of equipment.
The Eureka 71B boasts a powerful 5.5 amps of suction power, with one motor powering the revolving brush and a separate one for the suction alone. This dual-motor system allows for very deep cleaning, rivaling even the power of a traditional model. Fellow pet owners will appreciate the ability to remove layers of grime and pet hair from furniture and carpets that you hadn’t even noticed were there.

Onboard Crevice Tool:

The Eureka 71B makes cleaning tight spaces and behind furniture simple with its onboard crevice tool. This attachment fits right in to the end of the hose and allows you to get into all of the really annoying tight spots which are always a pain to clean. I found it easy to remove or attach, and it certainly made a difference in the depth that I could clean without having to move furniture around or overextend my reach. The hose itself stretches up to three times its length, which when combined with the crevice tool makes getting just about anywhere from bookshelves to under beds a nonissue.

The Riser Viser

One of Eureka’s innovative developments designed for this hand held vacuum model is the Riser Visor. This is simply a clear plastic cover which remains down for cleaning horizontal surfaces and flips up so that the rotating brush can reach the vertical carpeting on stair risers. There’s absolutely no bag that needs to be changed, merely a filter and clear plastic dust cup to empty when required. Although I was initially skeptical of how well this feature would actually perform, I’m happy to report that the Riser Visor works exactly as advertised and intended. This simple yet brilliant characteristic makes cleaning carpeted stairs faster than you dreamed you ever could.

Eureka 71b Autohose


Simple Clean up: Cleanup is far simpler than with a traditional model as well, as the Eureka 71B features a bagless, reusable filter and a simple to attach and detach dust cup, and although the filter may need to be replaced occasionally, there are simple instructions on how to do so included. Although this handheld vacuum cleaner is not of the rechargeable variety, it includes a 20 foot cord which allows you to reach around almost any area without needing to seek another outlet. Weighing in at no more than five pounds, this handheld vacuum is both portable and powerful.

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