If you have pets and carpet, you may find yourself engaged in an ongoing battle to keep your home and floors looking clean and free of pet hair. Especially with certain types of carpet, pet hair can become matted in and make your carpet look unsightly if you don’t vacuum your carpet at least every other day. Following are a few helpful tips to keep your home looking clean and your vacuum functioning properly if you have pets that shed.

Tip #1 Use the Hose

Tips for cleaning pet hair

One way to keep your vacuum working well while at the same time getting into corners and other areas that are difficult to reach is by making good use of your vacuum cleaner’s hose attachment. Using the hose cuts down on the amount of hair that can get tangled up in your vacuum’s brush. This reduces the frequency with which you’ll have to clean and remove hair from the brush. Keeping hair out of your brush allows your vacuum to work optimally. Using your vacuum’s hose attachments also lets you reach areas of your home that you would not be able to clean with the full-sized vacuum.

Tip #2 Keep an Eye on Your Bag Fill Level

Many people forget to check the fullness level of their vacuum bags and get less than perfect performance from their vacuums as a result. Most vacuums have an indicator that tells you when the bag is becoming full, making it easy to check. Pet hair can fill up a bag quickly, so make sure you keep an eye your bag’s fill level. Change it immediately once the indicator shows that it’s full. The longer you wait to change your vacuum bag once it’s full, the worse your vacuum will perform. If you wait too long and the bag is at maximum capacity, you will find that the vacuum doesn’t pick up at all, and you will have a mess on your hands when you finally change the bag.

Tip #3 Clean Your Brush

Another reason vacuum cleaners may lose effectiveness is that hair can build up in the brush located on the underside of the vacuum. This occurs commonly in households that vacuum up a lot of hair. If enough hair gets caught in the vacuum’s brush, it will stop working effectively and you will see a decrease in your vacuum’s ability to pick up items from your carpet. If you have a little mechanical ability, you can take apart the mechanism that houses your brush and clean it yourself. If this sounds like something beyond your ability, have someone else do it for you.




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