Brush roll on/off switch and swivel steering are two things that you will always find when going through robot vacuum reviews because they are needed for easily cleaning the hard floors and carpets in your home. These are in addition to the edge-to-edge suction provided by the SuctionChannel Technology for improvement in cleaning, while there is also the multi-cyclonic system that does its job with constant suction. If you live in a building with stairs, you might want to also consider some other things such as the crevice tool, Pet TurboEraser tool and extended-reach hose for full cleaning.

The Robot Vacuum with All Required Features

When you are ready to add a vacuum that can tackle your pet hair, you should definitely take a look at the BISSELL PowerGlide Pet Vacuum with SuctionChannel Technology, 1305. This vacuum is one seriously powerful vacuum that can handle pet hair and other household grime. The vacuum seamlessly flows from carpet to hard surfaces without a hiccup and it works hard to keep allergens in the vacuum canister, not in your home. Even if you have read all the robot vacuum reviews, you will not find a robot vacuum with power of the Bissell PowerGlide Pet Vacuum.

Tooled to Pick Up Every Mess

The SuctionChannel Technology is the name vacuum technology that Bissell developed to ensure that the entire width of the vacuum cleans in its path. There is a multi-cyclonic system that does not lose suction. Bissell claims that the vacuum suction is 9x that of an average vacuum. That extra suctions tops any robot vacuum reviews and it comes in handy when you have pet hair, kitty litter, and other pet messes to suction off of furniture, stairs, and floors.

Easy Control and Powerful Filters

The Bissell PowerGlide is easy to steer with its swivel steering. While the robot vacuum reviews show that the closest competition runs on its own, they are not guaranteed to get the entire floor. The PowerGlide is under your control and the even the brush has an on and off switch so you can clean all of the floors exactly the way you want to clean them. Whether you use the brush or not, the filtration system is designed to keep your home from smelling like vacuum filter exhaust. The filter has many levels, so the tiniest particles stay trapped in the canister.

All the Right Tools for Pet Hair Clean Up

To better clean up pet hair in those tough to get to spots, the Pet TurboEraser tool connects to the vacuum and acts like a tiny hand vac. The robot vacuum reviews never report on pet hair tools. The other tools include a handy crevice tool and a long hose that helps you reach all of the stairs in your home. The TurboEraser has a brush that looks like it is made of paddles, which are designed to pick up pet hair more efficiently than any other pet hair vacuum. If the tools and powerful suction are not enough, the Bissell PowerGlide comes with a five year warranty, too.

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