When I think of places to put a vacuum cleaner, a highchair would likely fail to make my list. After all, I have some sort of panic reaction about putting electronics of any kind around a baby, let alone one that features a strong suction that can make toys disappear in a snap. Nevertheless, someone’s designed just such a device and is trying to get it promoted for mass production.

The Zandy Highchair was introduced on the Get on the Shelf competition page. For the unaware (which included me until recently), this site features a variety of general people introducing their ideas and inventions to the public. People can then vote on these designs and the most popular options will be given a production run at Walmart. For the aspiring inventor, this could be your chance at catching the public eye.

Upon first hearing of the Zandy Highchair’s wet dry vacuum usage, I wasn’t sure what to expect. In my head, I imagined a highchair that, with the flick of a button, sucked away everything on the little table space. It seemed fairly dangerous, but I thought it could be kind of awesome for those of us who hate doing any kind of cleaning. For better or worse, the design is much more simplistic than that, requiring some effort to do the cleaning, but with the benefit of a little more safety as a result.
The Zandy Highchair combines a wet dry vacuum and a high chair.

In the chair’s design, there is a small slot on the side of the highchair’s table. When the child is done eating, you can turn on the vacuum and simply slide whatever mess the child has made into the slot. Because it’s a wet dry vacuum, it works fine with all liquids and food, so it is incredibly effective at cleaning the messes. However, you yourself have to push the food into the slot, so you’ll want to keep wipes handy. With a set of wipes, your entire cleaning process can simply involve swiping the food into the corner, without having to work on scooping it out anymore. You can also detach the hose in order to clean the floor and chair around the space.

We’ve included a video of the inventor’s idea below, so check it out if it piques your interest. It’s always fun to see what other people think of, and maybe it will inspire you to build one of your own. Do you think this design would be useful at all? Not having kids, it is hard for me to gauge exactly how much work this alleviates, so I appreciate any feedback you guys might have! And of course, check out the other inventions on the site as they have some fun ideas. The outdoor mobile rowing machine gave me a laugh, so you might find some you enjoy as well! Let us know what you think, and feel free to vote for it!

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